The Getback, The Getback (2023)

Ngày cập nhật: 12/08/2023
Đạo diễn: Jared Cohn
Diễn viên: Shane Paul McGhie,Theo Rossi,Dermot Mulroney
Thời lượng: 85 phút
Trạng thái: Thuyết Minh - VietSub 1080p
Năm sản xuất: 2022
Quốc gia:
Thể loại: Phim Hành động,
( 10 điểm /  6  lượt)

The Getback VietSub, The Getback 2023

The Getback (2023) is an intense and thrilling film that takes audiences on a challenging journey of a bounty hunter and an unwilling prisoner. The two face a dark world where corrupt police and mercenaries relentlessly hunt them down. With a series of tense situations and breathtaking action sequences, the film immerses viewers in a non-stop escape and dangerous confrontation. The main characters must utilize their abilities and intelligence to survive and protect their important objective. However, beyond the visually stunning action, the film also creates a deep interaction between the hunter and the prisoner. They must overcome their differences and learn to trust each other to have a chance at survival in this hazardous environment.

Combining action, beautiful visuals, and a gripping storyline, "The Getback 2023 vietsub" is a must-watch for action and thriller enthusiasts. You will experience suspenseful and emotional moments as you follow their perilous journey. (150 words)