Bác Sĩ Thám Tử, Doctor Detective (2019)

Ngày cập nhật: 02/12/2020
Đạo diễn: Park Joon-Woo
Diễn viên: Bong Tae-gyu,Lee Ki Woo,Mina Fujii,Park Ji Young,Park Jin Hee,Ryoo Hyoun Kyoung
Thời lượng: 60 phút/tập
Trạng thái: Tập 16 VietSub
Năm sản xuất: 2019
Quốc gia:
Thể loại: Phim Tâm Lý,
( 8.5 điểm /  2  lượt)

Bác Sĩ Trinh Thám VietSub, Doctor Detective (2019)

Park Jin-Hee, also known as the "sad doll," possesses a beautiful and cold face, exuding a special aura of silence. Despite being at the peak of her career, she still has many fans who adore her cuteness and charm in acting. Recently, Jin Hee has been selective in choosing new film projects, carefully considering the scripts before agreeing to participate. Doctor Detective is one of the few films in which she takes on the lead role this year. The Vietnamese title of the film is Bác Sĩ Thám Tử (Doctor Detective),belonging to the social-psychological genre. It is directed by Park Joon-Woo and written by veteran screenwriter Song Yoon-Hee. In addition to Jin-Hee, the film also features a relatively high-profile cast with notable names such as Bong Tae-Gyu, Lee Ki-Woo, Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung, Park Ji-Young, and Mina Fujii. Among them, the male lead is played by Tae-Gyu, who may not be handsome but possesses exceptional acting skills. The film revolves around Dr. Do Joong-Eun (Park Jin-Hee) and her investigation into mysterious accidents at a construction site. As a doctor specializing in occupational health, Joong-Eun understands the lives and work of each individual. After discovering the increasing and mysterious number of workers at the construction site of the TL conglomerate, she teams up with Dr. Heo Min Ki (Bong Tae Gyu) to uncover the hidden secrets behind it.